Get instant help through these FAQs:

  • How do I respond to an Ad?
    » You can directly respond to the ad of your choice by clicking on the reply button or you can also visit the detail page of the ad by clicking the ad title or image to send your response. Alternately, you can call/sms/post to the advertisers depending upon the contact details provided by the advertiser.
  • How do I check the responses to my ad?
    » You will receive email of your ad responses on your email provided at the time of ad posting. Alternatively, you can login to your account to check your responses and to reply on your responses directly from ‘My Responses’.
  • How do I increase the responses to my ad?
    » You should follow the ad posting instructions carefully and should provide detailed and relevant information about your offer with image to attract the maximum and relevant responses. Alternatively, you should promote your ad to social networks and regularly use push-to-top feature to increase your ad view.
  • How can I complain about an ad?
    » ‘Report ad’ feature is available with each ad on detail page of the ad. There can be three main below mentioned reasons to report an ad:
    1. Miscategorization: The ad has content that is not related to its category.
    2. Spam: The ad has been duplicated or is false.
    3. Abuse: The ad has content and/or images that are inappropriate and unsocial.

    Alternatively, you can write to us at
  • Why is a false ad posted on my behalf and how do I complain about it?
    » is a free online classified site. A third party may have used your name and contact details to post a false ad. We deeply apologize for this and requested you to report the ad as ‘Spam’ by using the ‘report ad’ feature. You may write to us at and we will remove your ad at the earliest.

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